Tuesday, July 21, 2015

[知床私房景點] 夕陽秘境 Sunset arcana of Iruka Hotel

低調公開知床Iruka Hotel有個看夕陽的小秘境。
Few tourists know that Iruka Hotel has an arcana to enjoy the sunset.

太陽已經沉入海底,但此時Iruka Hotel的無敵海景正美......
The sun has sunk into the sea. Look at the breathtaking ocean view of Iruka Hotel...
某天,這塊大骰子石頭從チャシコツ崎掉到Iruka Hotel前面的海蝕平台,就像是在泡粉紅色的溫泉。
The huge stone, falling from Chashikotsu Rock, looks like taking a pink onsen in the wave-cut platform.  

Iruka Hotel拍的天空全景。
The panorama of the sky is taken from Iruka Hotel.

Iruka Hotel,卻有一條沒有車的路,沿著チャシコツ崎後面,往斜里的方向走去。 
All cars should go through the tunnel on Route 334 to Utoro center.
But there is a road from Iruka Hotel, along the back of Chashikotsu Rock. 
It's 6 km from Iruka Hotel to Twin Beauties Waterfall(Oshinkoshin).
I liked to take a walk or ride the bicycle along the route while watching the sunset.
One day, there were two girls from Beijing who would run a marathon in Sapporo.
So I strong recommended that they go jogging and experience the dramatic energy of the waterfall while admiring the sunset.
Undoubtedly, the two healthy girls, running back from Twin beauties Waterfall, were truly two beauties.

I enjoyed the dinner after riding a bicycle.
Guess what was inside the fried skin of bean curd?
Japanese nattou (fermented soybeans)!

July 21, 2015

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