Friday, August 28, 2015

[ 知床八景 ] オロンコ岩360°看夕陽、滿月、海鷗!Watching the sunset, the full moon, and gulls with a 360° commanding view in ORONKO Rock, Shiretoko

如果只剩20分鐘可以看夕陽,那推薦你登上オロンコ岩(ORONKO) 看知床夕陽,尤其遇上滿月,更棒!

Watching the sunset is a must-be activity in Shiretoko.
If you arrive at Shiretoko after 17:30, without cars, and 20 minutes left to watch the sunset,
I recommend that you go up to ORONKO Rock, especially on a calendar which is the full moon.

Oronko Rock is the only one spot with 360° view of Utoro.

抬頭看到遊客熟知的酷斯拉岩(Godzilla Rock, ゴジラ岩),兩個岩都位於港口旁,所以海鷗群聚。
Oronko Rock, next to famous Godzilla Rock, is located beside Utoro harbor, so numerous gulls inhabit the rocks.

In spite of 170 steep stone steps, I spent 10 minutes climbing up to the top.

I hated to go up the steps; to my surprise, I spent five minutes and was rewarded with the magnificent sunset on the halfway.

If the calendar shows the full moon, it's the best time to visit Oronko Rock to watch the sunset and the full moon AT THE SAME TIME.

Feeding animals is prohibited in Shiretoko.
The gulls flew so close to me that I was touched.

エゾトリカブト (蝦夷鳥兜)是古時候愛奴人用在箭上的毒。
Don't touch! It is the MOST POISONOUS flower in the world.
The ancient Ainu used Ezotorikabuto as arrow prisons.

Utoro is a small town. Even if you get off the cruise or the bus at 17:30, take your time to climbing up to Oronko Rock.


Look out over Godzilla Rock (in the middle of the photo). Good boy! It is tame now.

See the guy who squats watching the sunset. I guess the person is a Japanese. Japanese people know that others behind are eager to hug the sunset and to take photos.

[What I learned from visiting Oronko Rock?]

Iruka Hotel的露臺 ,就可以看到不同氣候的Oronko岩。
From the terrace of Iruka Hotel, I watch the sky of Oronko Rock changing with the weather.

Even though Oronko Rock is one of eight tourist attractions in Shiretoko, I have never planned to visit there. 

But  since I was rewarded with a commanding view of Utoro, the sunset, the full moon, the gulls, I have been willing to try everything I hate.

Aug. 28, 2015

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