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[藍BLUE] 蘋果電腦桌布在這拍的...青い池、神の子池 Mac OS wallpaper is photographed here...Blue Pond, Kaminoko Pond

你可能看過Mac OS X Mountain Lion 桌布。
Have you ever seen wallpapers from OS X Mountain Lion?
One of them is taken by Kent Shiraishi in Blue Pond, Biei.
Mac OS X wallpaper, photographed by Kent Shiraishi,
at Blue Pond, Biei 美瑛‧青い池

13:36 July 8, 2015 晴 sunny
美瑛‧青い池 Blue Pond, Biei

Another secret pond of Hokkaido has different blue hue.
15:39, July 22, 2015 霧foggy
清里‧神の子池 Kaminoko Pond, Kiyosato

Aug. 29, 2015 晴 sunny
清里‧神の子池 Kaminoko Pond, Kiyosato

[指南 Guide]






●Why is Blue Pond blue?

In 1994, Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau constructed a dam to protect Biei and to prevent mudflows that might occur from the volcanic eruption on Mt. Tokachi in 1988. Water blocked by the dam accumulates in the depression in the forest creating Blue Pond.

Aluminum in Iozawa-river deriving from Mt. Tokachi, generates colloid which is invisible to the naked eyes when mixed with the water of Biei-river.

the colloid, a solution of dispersed microscopic particles, reflects the shorter wavelength blue light.

That's why the color of Blue Pond changes depending on what angle the tourists look at it and even from different times of the year.




●Where is water of Kaminoko Pond from?
●Why do the fallen trees in the water never rot away?

The bigger lake in the billboard is Mashu lake. Mashu, which no rivers flow in and out of, means God in the indigenous Ainu language. Kaminoko pond is fed by underground well from Mashu lake; therefore, Kaminoko means the child of God.

Blue Pond has 12000 tons of subterranean water every day. Its bottom looks touchable but actually it's 5m deep. Water of Mashu lake springs from melted snow, so water of Blue Pond is at constant 8℃. That's why the fallen trees, looking like petrified wood in the pond, have never rotted away.

Due to the stronger sunlight, cobalt-blue sparkles in the pond from spring to fall, while it glitters dark blue in winter. Don't forget to watching Dolly Varden trout swimming amid the fallen trees (when it comes to trout, we should watch out for bears.)

Gods don't bless you even if you throw coins into Child of God(Kaminoko) Pond.

July 8, July 22, and Aug. 29

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