Saturday, July 11, 2015

[知床八景]走上熱瀑布!Walk up to the warm Kamuiwakka Waterfall

Even though I'm not a ninja, it's easy to WALK UP to WARM Kamuiwakka Waterfall!

Is there anyone at the parking lot who could take photos of me?

The warm water is flowing into Sea of Okhotsk, am I??
My friends from Germany and Thailand and I are dressed as if we took a walk. How easy to go up the waterfall is!

I take this photo while I'm taking the cruise. Kamuiwakka Waterfall flows into Sea of Okhotsk.

Kamuiwakka的源頭是活火山 ─ 知床硫黃山,所以這瀑布是越爬水越熱(至少30°C)。
Kamuiwakka Waterfall derives from Volcano Iou; therefore, the upper we go, the warmer the water is (about 30°C).
I take the photo while I'm going fishing.
I'm touched when I watch where I've gone hiking.

I'm astonished at my dinner! It's just the dinner for family.

[心得 What I learned from Kamuiwakka waterfall?]

In July, I drove to Kamuiwakka on the muddy, dusty gravel road as if I had been in the movie Jurassic Park.

Some weeks in August and September, buses only.

It's so strange, isn't it?
August is also a high season for domestic travel. Don't the troublesome traffic control and roads bother tourists?

The answer:
They don't want bears to inhale too much carbon dioxide.

[指南 Guide]
  1. 費用:停車、遊玩、臨時廁所3間,全部免費(無料)。 parking lot, waterfall area, and portable toilets are all free.
  2. 時間:
    1. 約6-10月開放。open from June to October.
    2. 入口走到「一の滝」(相片中我所在處)約10分鐘。It costs me 10 minutes to walk from entrance up to the first waterfall, Ichinotaki.
    3. 往上的溫泉有可能因落石不開放。 the upper onsen will be close if there are rocks. 
  3. 裝備:
    1. 空出兩手保持平衡,繩子有可能因酸性泉水腐蝕,不要去拉。Be empty-handed to keep balance. Don't pull the ropes which may corrode because of acidic onsen.
    2. 帶小毛巾擦腳穿鞋。Bring a towel.
  4. 行程:距離知床五湖11公里,排一起。管制期開車和重機族停五湖再搭公車來回。
  5. 醫療:過敏者注意泉水屬酸性。不建議夾腳拖,行動電話有可能收不到訊號,而且救護車要30分鐘以上才會到。
  6. 熊對策:知床整個都是熊熊生息地,西班牙朋友就在這附近遇到熊。
July 11, 2015

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